CATHETRIX is an innovative catheter securement devices company, which develops and produces smart catheter fixations and delivers safety solutions for hospital and home care.

FOLEY/SAFE 2.0 - no damage

CATHETRIX’s flagship product, FOLEY/SAFE 2.0, is the world’s first Foley catheter stabilizer which actively prevents possible damage to the bladder and urethra from accidental urinary catheter extraction.

Catheter that slide out safely

FOLEY/SAFE 2.0 prevents accidental urinary catheter extraction, thus avoiding possible damage to the bladder and urethra. If the Foley catheter is extracted with a force that could harm the patient, Foley/Safe will cut the sterile fluid tube and let the retention balloon deflate, permitting the catheter to slide out safely.


FOLEY/SAFE 2.0 also prevents catheter dislodgement and minimizes movement, thus reducing the risk of Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infection (CAUTI).