CATHETRIX founder Kfir Elrom is a veteran computer scientist and Microsoft network engineer.

Kfir is a serial entrepreneur and inventor. Among others, he founded Androphin, a company that specializes in medical innovation and has more than five patents pending.

For the past 20 years, Kfir has been involved in business innovation in the defense industry. He joined the world of medical entrepreneurship in the field of medical devices about 10 years ago and holds a number of global patents in the field. He is a gadget lover who lives and breathes technology, thinks creatively about new things, pursues interesting ideas and writes patents.

Kfir believes that the Cathetrix product will improve quality of life for patients and save a great deal of money for healthcare systems around the world.


Chief Marketing Officer

Tal Hadass is an experienced business manager with more than 25 years of experience in business management and development.

Tal managed Bar-Ilan University’s economic company for about 10 years, following which he was a senior manager in companies in the field of construction and infrastructure and in the field of education. He has also served as an advisor to the Israeli health minister.

Today, Tal, who has an M.A. in political science and communications from Tel Aviv University, is one of the owners of the College of Health and Behavioral Sciences, which deals mainly with education in the paramedical field.

Rami Hazan

Director of Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs

Rami Hazan has over 30 years’ experience, holding senior quality assurance positions in various medical devices and hi-tech companies.

Rami leads CATHERTIX’s regulatory and quality assurance efforts. He has gained much experience in managing quality assurance and regulatory affairs for medical device companies and worked as consultant.

Prior to joining CATHERTIX, Rami was the Director of Quality Assurance and Regulatory affairs at Notal Vision and VP Quality Assurance and Regulatory affairs at Impliant. He has also worked in this field in the following companies: Spirocor (Cardiometer), Given Imaging, Mennen Medical and Teledata Communication.

Rami holds an M.Sc. degree in Quality Assurance & Reliability from the Technion Israel Institute of Technology and a B.Sc. in Mechanical engineering.


Assistant Marketing Manager

Live in Tel Aviv, holds a B.A. degree in Human Resources Management, pursuing a master’s degree in business administration.

Believes in giving back to the community and regularly volunteers as an Emergency Medical Medic at MDA and volunteer at SPCA (Animal Welfare).

Nicole assists in developing and executing marketing strategies that drive brand awareness and business growth.

Her experience provides valuable skills such as the ability to communicate well, organization, attention to detail, adaptability to working in dynamic environments, ensuring productivity and success even under pressure, and being attentive, responsive, and solution oriented.


Yevgeny holds a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering specializing in design and product design from SCE, the Sami Shamoon Academic College, and is an expert in technological project management, preventive maintenance, and service for multidisciplinary systems.

In the past, he was the head of the helicopter engine team in the IDF. In this framework, he received a certificate of appreciation for changing the configuration of a fitting for an RPM sensor in a turbine engine (T-700). Yevgeny also received a commendation for solving an operational malfunction in the “Yassoor” helicopters.

Yevgeny was an aviation engine integrator, at Beit Shemesh Motors, which is engaged in the production and multidisciplinary assembly of aviation engines (turbines and jet engines).

Yevgeny has many years of experience in product development and design, in the development of plastic products for gadgets, development of software to optimize production processes for the printed circuit industry, automation, and the electronics industry, planning production processes, drawing and assembling models of electronic components, all this as an engineer at Tokyo Electron, Graphics Mentor and more.

Yevgeny serves as a technology manager at Genco 3D Engineering and as CTO at a startup company.

Yevgeny is responsible for the submission for registration of over 25 patents for technologies in various fields, and he serves as a technological mentor at Go2tec, an accelerator for startups for the Israeli Ministry of Economy and Aviation.

Yevgeny is the head of engineering of Foley-Safe at Cathetrix, and he leads the development team to develop more innovative products for the benefit of humanity.

Business Development​

Business Development

Business Advisor

Business Advisor